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118 Oaks Community We are a pagan community of many pathways exploring various traditions, and belief systems while focusing on the open communication and tolerance of all paths, life, society, and the occult. We are witches, pagans, mystics, shaman and more. Must be of legal age (18+) to be a member. We promote, preserve and protect the old ways. We are a community of individuals of various belief systems and paths of paganism.
1 Olde Tyme Country Cafe Olde tyme country cafe is a great place for anyone who would like to have a good time winning siggys by playing games, just by posting, and requesting wwo's. it is a fun place to make friends, celebrate good times happening in your like like birthdays, new babies, new grands, and great grand kids. share pictures of pets, country side, city life... Come on in and join in the fun here.
5413 Oldtime Countrycafe A seniors group for fun and friendship. Lots of activities going on including psp tags, challenges, games and great conversations. Please feel free to drop in.
1086 Onlinefriends We are a 40+ group of friends having fun on line. We have games where you can win a signature tag. We have psp challenges, many wonderful taggers and great members. We are from all over the world and enjoy making new friends. We hope you will drop in and say hello.
566 Only The Light Discover the magic of the Eurovision song contest with this fan site dedicated to the 1987 competition that was held in Brussels, Belgium
925 Our Skin Space Forum for forum skins.
57 Our Timeless Treasures Come on in and join us at a very friendly and fun group. We have siggies to offer and games to play and win. We have a yuku site and aimoo group with the same name, so if you are unable to reach us at one group, you can find us at the other one.
271 Ourpaddedroom2 Our padded room 2 is a place to have fun, we are a predominantly british group but we have international members from canada, america, we have all age range groups (over 18's), some married, some single. you'll be assured of a warm welcome we all have a lot of respect for each other, even though we take the mikey sometimes,
1 Outlawsgameroom Come in and play a growing collection of games on our site, arcade, puzzle, casino, billiards, and much more.
216 Over 50s Having Fun Our community is a place of relaxation, fun and making everlasting friendships. We are over 50, but you do not have to be over 50 to join us. We have fun things to do, games to play, snags and of course the best people to be friends with, so come on in and join us today.
2791 Over40sgroup Friendly place for a good old laugh & natter

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