Number of Votes Web Site Name Website Description
4 Reflections Of A Furfeeder A mix of family, friends and fun. Photos, blog, website competitions, and more!
3 Rene Kunert Art This is the official site of rené kunert. Here you will find artwork, works in progress, videos, and other creative goodies.
1 Ridesandrallies A free information website of rallies, events & club links. Loads of resources links and much much more, all free and available for all bikers of all creed...
3719 Ring Of Friendship 1 People making new friends and having fun
19574 Ronaldsarcade One of the best html5 gaming sites ( child friendly )
804 Rosels Temple Of Awakening We are a community for spiritual pathways of awakening.We offer many ways to heal-emotionally,spiritualy,excercise.We delve into subconscious and conscious worlds.We have spent many years of research and study between the 2 of us -offering groups,forums,articles,and classes.Building stronger foundations together.Come check us put:)
3 Royal Sensations A site frome my yorkshire terriers and some psp lessons

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