Number of Votes Web Site Name Website Description
1101 Warrior Nation Warrior nation is a native american based site but very diversified in our groups, music and videos. All beliefs are welcome in our circle of friends.
1 Web Competitions Web competitions is a site all about a phenomenon that has been going on around the web for over ten years now - web competitions! Come and visit us to find out how this all started :)
1803 Webcreations By Jumpy My mission is to create a site to help people find everything they are looking for in gifs, backgrounds, background sets, scripts for cursors, marquee scripts, and basic html codes with plain english explanations. Yes, some people still speak plain english. (me). i belong to an online pool league and over and over again i am asked to help our tournament directors with page building. this is a funfilled site for the over 16. jumpy
161 Welcome To My World A very friendly site with recipes, good links page, juelle's portfolio, & much more.
1328 Whiskers_ And _Paws This is a group for cat lovers everywhere. Come tell us about your cat/s, share pics, share helpful info, build friendships with other cat lovers, and have fun. No men allowed and no one under 18. We're a bunch of gals that tend to tell jokes that lean towards the racy side. We are a very active group. Blank applications will be denied! It's required when you join to hide your email address, and to read messages on the web. Also post within 48 hrs. Of joining (required). Thanks!
763 Women Of Spirit For women to gather together and share about their spirituality, many subjects are shared and all spirituality is welcome.
934 World Of Rock 2-1 A funnnnnn place for music and friends!!!

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