Number of Votes Web Site Name Website Description
22 The Java Junkie Club Love coffee and to make friends? Then come on over and hang out with us.
22 Meet Teens Meet teens is a german teen forum which follows the ideal really being just a teen forum to get to know friends and not being a place to find a partner or an ons.
17 The Rose Garden A great little site to request a siggy or to snag some copyright tags made from our designers.
10 Couch Potatoes 2 Come meet cool people, play trivia contests, join groups and build a profile
7 Creative Haven A group for taggers and snaggers to make new friends, relax and enjoy themselves
7 Friendships N Tagging We are a home away from hoem and our aim is to make friends and learn/teach psp both taggers and snaggers are very welcome, we offer sig tags, games, challenges and much more in our little group. please be aware we do not accept blank requests to join you must add a note and we are a mature group with an age limit of 25+ thank you
6 Creatives Psp Parlour A group of taggers and non taggers, all welcome, games, challenges, contests, fun, friendship and more. We are a mature group so +18 please
4 Simply Amazing Graphics A graphic design forum - (whether you are a tagger or not) where psp "tag designers" make tags for members as gifts, do "psp challenges", make new friends, and enjoy learning new art graphics and friendships.
4 Jens Fun Place My site is on a personal base and all psp related stuff, come check it out. My site might have some adult content with tags. So if you are not 18 or over, you might not want to look. :)
3 Garden Of Friends Friendship group
3 Tinas Quilts A site with all my online quilts.
2 Creative Psp Parlour A group of taggers and non taggers, all welcome to games, chat, psp fun, challenges, contest and more. Laughter and friendships
2 100disabilities100 This group is open to everyone but caters for people with disabilities
2 Halloween Fun Scare Halloween fun scare is a unique international on line haunted house! Stop by any time we will rise to the occasion. Ultimate horror all the time. luring you with the magic of the to conjure up a fun time.
2 Heathers Place2 Holidays, funlinks, webcomps, sigtags, and more.
2 Huntress Mom My personal site,lots of cyber hunts and things to see
2 Hunts Ve Club Vote exchange board
2 Spike Me and my fur friends
2 Spirit Rescuers Spirit rescuers is a site for all paths spiritual from ghost hunting to reiki
2 Pebbles Spiritual Cave Pebbles' spiritual cave is a site with information on all things 'spiritual' such as mediumship, crystal healing, chakras, auras, paranormal, remote viewing, tai chi, qigong, meditation, reiki and much more. It also has chatrooms where we will be holding classes on the various subjects as well as holding open circles.
2 Handwriting For Kids Handwriting for kids. Free handwriting lessons to teach kids and adults how to write alphabets, numbers, sentences, bible school, scriptures, and even their name! Interactive math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Coming soon: english and fractions.
2 Welcome To My World A very friendly site with recipes, good links page, juelle's portfolio, & much more.
1 Boxing Boxing talk
1 Gaurdians Creations We a forum group of people who likes to have fun and laid back.
1 Psp Heavenly Haven This is a family friendly site with crafts, recipes,games, etc.
1 Sbbs It not a forum come ans see the facebook page
1 Black Moon Society We are a new community of eclectic pagan pathways exploring various societies,and spirituality while focusing on the darker paths,of life,, society, and the occult we are witches,pagans,mystics, and nore .Must be 20 yrs age.And older here we promote education,tolerance, and community of individuals of various belief systems,faiths.
1 Taggers Gone Mad Taggers gone mad is a tagger's group and we love making signature tags for others. Weekly challenges, monthly challenges/competitions, awards given, and also we love to chat. So if you're a tagger or not, you'll find something at taggers gone mad to fill your day. Come and join us and have a lil fun!
1 Psp Tags Snags Backs Scraps And More A place to psp, make tags, backgrounds, share we have challenges, shares, who wants ones, contests etc. Come on in and have some fun!
1 Kids For Birds Interactive website for children and adults on birds, with information on birds, art gallery, storytime page and links to other sites of birdy interest.
1 Acdiva A relaxing forum for all scrappers and taggers with games, competitions and freebies thrown in for good measure.
1 Lincs Little Hens We rescue caged laying hens and rehome them as family pets in the uk. This aids people in becoming self sufficient with their own egg supply, they have lovely new pets who are full of character and saves the poor hens from going to slaughter at just 60-70 weeks old.
1 Diverse Sanctuary Community Network Ministry & community, a holistic cannabis/hemp/sacred plant friendly church/community network
1 Vix Psp Paint shop pro signature tag tutorials by vix
1 Narutofan1010 An awesome Naruto wiki. Narutofan1010 has everything you need to know about naruto. With a fun and loving community, Narutofan1010 is one of the best Naruto wikis on the web.
1 Napkins Creative Emporium Building the site up for using psp tut's making backgrounds, some games & fun
1 Autism Chat And Share A place for people to chat and share about autism. Learn about autism - ask questions - contribute information - share your experiences - locate other autism web sites - discover various resources - review books about autism - and much more...

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