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Membership to 1Award is free and open to all sites* at our discretion**

* Sites containing pornographic, racist, abusive, violent or any other material of an offensive nature must not be added to this site. Sites found to contain such material will be removed without warning.
** Adult sites must be marked clearly as Adult or 18+ in their site description. People under 18 must not enter those sites.

To join 1Award you must:
1. Use a valid email address (not a site email address)
We use the email address you provide to send you instructions on how to add a vote link and also any awards your site may win.
2. Send us your site name and URL
3. Use a password known only to you
(keep this safe as you will need it if you contact us to make any changes to your site details)
Read our Privacy Policy on information we gain from you

Locked sites may join 1Award and receive votes but we will not join a site to write a review. Please contact us if you own a locked gold award site and you wish to have a review.

Site Names
Site names are added automatically to all awards. They should not contain symbols or signs such as @ ~ ' + or & as they may not be recognized when added to awards. We optimise the text to fit the majority of names on 3 lines. If your site name is more than 3 words you may need to change it when you join 1Award. Test Your Site Name

Changing Your Site Name
Once your site is a member of 1Award if you change your site name we cannot transfer votes to your new site. (e.g. from 1Award.co.uk to 1Awardfriends.co.uk) Each site is registered individually under it's own name and is voted for individually.

Changing Your Site URL
If you move your site to a new URL (e.g. from 1Award.co.uk to 1Award.com) we can only transfer votes if we can verify who you are. You should contact us from the email address used to join 1Award and send your us your 1Award password along with your old and new site URL's. We will not change details where inadequate identity is given.

Changing Your Email Address
We use your email address to send you vote link information and any awards your site may win. If you change your email address you should contact us so we can change our records. We will need your site name, your 1Award password and your old and new email address. We will not change details where inadequate identity is given.

Changing Your 1Award Password
If you want to change your password you should contact us from the email address used to join 1Award and send your us your old password, your new password, your site name and your site URL. Once we have confirmed your identity we will make the changes for you and send your new password back to you. We will not change details where inadequate identity is given.

Award Votes And Reviews
Our awards are dated yearly, eg. 2005, 2006. Votes are reset to zero at the beginning of each year.
Only this years votes count towards this years awards.
The over all votes are shown for interest only.

10,000 votes - Platinum Award
5,000 votes - Gold Award - Reviews are written for gold award sites only.
2,500 votes - Silver Award
1,000 votes - Bronze Award
300 votes - Pewter Award
100 votes - Copper Award

Each user may vote once per day for each site they wish to vote for.

Votes are automatically recorded along with your IP address in our database, which is maintained at regular intervals. See our Privacy Policy  If we find irregularities in the votes recorded we may adjust votes accordingly and sites may be removed from bronze, silver or gold award links. Sites that cause persistent problems may be removed from 1Award. Our decision is final.

We are aware that no matter what system is in place to make voting fair, there is always someone who will try to beat the system. We believe that most people want to achieve a 1Award trophy by voting honestly.

Using Your Award
Your award will have your site name added to it and be emailed to you automatically when you reach the correct amount of votes. Save your award to your computer then upload it to your web site. A link back to this site must be placed with the award. You may use a text link or link the award graphic.


You must not alter the award in any way other than to proportionally resize it, but you may lose quality in doing so. This is not our responsibility and we will not undertake to make awards of different sizes. Awards must not be colourized, textured, have text deleted, changed or other text added and it must not be added to other graphics. For more details see Using Your Award.

Inactive Sites
We reserve the right to remove inactive sites from 1Award at our discretion. If you wish your site to remain registered on 1Award contact us and let us know

Bandwidth Theft - Do Not Direct Link
Do not direct link (hotlink) to our images. This is an illegal practice known as bandwidth theft. All awards and banners must be saved to your own computer and uploaded to your own website.

All graphics and content of this site are copyright to 1Award and must not be taken or used without our written permission.

Third Party Links
This website contains links to external sites. We take no responsibility for the operation of those web sites nor do we necessarily endorse the content found on them. Adult sites must mark themselves clearly as Adult or 18+  in their site description. People under 18 must not enter those sites.

Your Agreement
By joining 1Award you are agreeing to our terms of use. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

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